Our "students" speak........
Dear George -

I received your e-mail address from Karen Simmons so that I could share some "exciting" news with you.

I attended the subject seminar and you awarded me "Most Improved Beginner Handler" along with my Scottie, Tank.  This past weekend in Detroit, I showed Tank for the first time since the seminar.  Tank was one of a handful of other specials and he took BOB under Judge George Heitzman.  I showed Tank in group (also under Judge Heitzman), he made the cut and then went on to a Group 3 placement.  Since this was my first show since the seminar, I truly felt you sitting on my shoulder.  It was a "priceless" moment for me (not so sure about the Tankster) as I was the "only" breeder, owner, handler in the group ring. 

I wanted to share my moment with you, however, I suspect you receive many notes such as this on a routine basis.

Best wishes from me and Tank.  Hope to catch up with you at another seminar.


Judy Halfen, and
of course Tank

The Kubacz family, Anne Marie,mother,Randy, father and son Peter all won the Irish Setter National with 3 different dogs and also went Best in Show with 3 different dogs. The picture is of Peter winning with the Wolfhound .

A lovely letter came with this photo, but we're unable, at this time, to reprint on this page.  Still working on it!!!